Hi-Tech Institute is a first technical training institute in India that provides a variety of professional courses to students. Hi-Tech Institute in progress through conducting mobile repairing course in Delhi and has at present diversified into courses in repairs of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and advanced networking.

Hi-Tech faculty is well trained and expert with sufficient field knowledge in the GSM, CDMA and other related industries. We have educated hundreds of students who are effective successfully in repair centers or have set up their possess businesses and shops all over Delhi, India and out of the country. We aspire to provide skilled and expert technicians to the technical repairs industry.

We also give jobs, practical support and direction after completing the course to all our students. Hardware and software modules are covered along with sufficient practical. Our main direction is towards practical preparation, which is a must in this field.

The cellular and IT industries are one of the best ever increasing industries in the whole world. The age of telephones and type writers is out and now is the age of wireless Mobile phones, tablets and Laptop. A career in mobile service, laptop repairing or networking is one of the majority in-demand choices among technical or professional fields. You can progress your job viewpoint or start your own business and make a profitable career after affecting our certificate courses.
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

ATF Box latest v11.80 Free Download

ATF Box Latest v11.80 

ATF Box 

New in Update Miracle Box v11.80

Samsung Unbrick Image Creator 2.9
Added Support for New Qualcomm 64-BIT CPU MSM8916!!(Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy Core Max etc.)

New SDC Files Added:

Galaxy A3
SM-A3000 : SM-A3000_4.4.4_8GB_A3000ZCU1ANJ8.sdc
SM-A300F : SM-A300F_4.4.4_8GB_A300FXXU1ANKC.sdc
SM-A300H : SM-A300H_4.4.4_8GB_A300HXXU1ANKC.sdc

Galaxy A5
SM-A5000 : SM-A5000_4.4.4_8GB_A5000ZCU1ANK2.sdc
SM-A500F : SM-A500F_4.4.4_8GB_A500FXXU1ANJ9.sdc
SM-A500G : SM-A500G_4.4.4_8GB_A500GXXU1ANK1.sdc
SM-A500H : SM-A500H_4.4.4_8GB_A500HXXU1ANJ9.sdc
SM-A500M : SM-A500M_4.4.4_8GB_A500MUBU1ANK1.sdc

Other 64-Bit Phones
SM-G357FZ : SM-G357FZ_4.4.4_8GB_G357FZXXU1ANHD.sdc
SM-G3608 : SM-G3608_4.4.4_8GB_G3608ZMU1ANJ5.sdc
SM-G360G : SM-G360G_4.4.4_8GB_G360GDVU1ANJ4.sdc
SM-G5108Q : SM-G5108Q_4.4.4_8GB_G5108QZCU1ANI5.sdc
SM-G5308W : SM-G5308W_4.4.4_8GB_G5308WZMU1ANI8.sdc
SM-G530Y : SM-G530Y_4.4.4_8GB_G530YZTU1ANJ3.sdc

Release Date: November 25, 2014
Firmware Version Required : 11.0.00
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows 7/8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
ATF Box USB Driver Required: - Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

Nokia Android Updates.

Added Support for Nokia XL 4G (RM-1061)
Added Secure ADB Connection
Dead Mode, Normal Mode, Recovery Mode Flashing
1 Click ROOT
1 Click Google Apps + Launcher Installer (NO NEED ROOT)
Added FULL IMEI/Simlocks/EFS Backup + Restore (NO NEED ROOT)

Miracle Box Latest v1.96 Free Download

Miracle Box latest v1.96   

Miracle Box 
           Click Here Free  Download Now 

New in Update Miracle Box v1.94

1. SPD Improve 8810/6820 Unlock(Rd Unlock - Clean Pass Code)
2. SPD Improve 6531 Format.
3. SPD Add 6531 New flash ID Support.
4. MTK Improve 6571 Write.
5. MTK Add 6571 New Flash ID Support.
6. Android Root Add New phone Support.
7. Android Improve HTC Unlock.
8. Android Imorove Backup/Restore EFS

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Volcano Box Latest v2.8.7 free Download

Volcano Box V2.8.7 Latest Update Free Download

Volcano Box 
New Update in Volcano Box

  • COOLSAND add new flash
  • SPD 6610 add new flash
  • 6530, 6531 add new flash
  • MTK Andriod add new flash